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etixnow is pleased to offer the etixnow Asura Mini Kiosk as a new alternative to printed ticket consignments and manned box office outlets. Festival goers, concert patrons, and sports fans can buy tickets to their favourite events through these convenient, unattended self-serve machines with secure Chip & Pin payment and on-demand ticket printing.

Patrons browse the entire catalog of available events on the etixnow Asura Mini Kiosk touch screen, viewing event details, availability, and pricing information. Once they make their selection, a secure payment system accepts their Visa, Mastercard or INTERAC Debit payment and their tickets are immediately printed on high-quality, heavy-grade, security-finished roll ticket stock.

The new etixnow Asura Mini Kiosk’s small footprint makes it ideal for placement in busy retail locations, like convenience stores or quick service food outlets. Heavy traffic areas increase event exposure and ticket sales opportunities, and popular events drive traffic into these retail locations.

etixnow Asura Mini Kiosks are also ideal for on-premise venue or festival ticket sales as a supplement or replacement for manned box offices. They enable fast, convenient transactions and a dramatically higher volume of sales to be handled with credit/debit cards, reducing cash handling liabilities and staff costs. Patrons increasingly prefer self-serve versus traditional staff interaction, and the touch screen interface puts them in control of their purchase.

Since tickets are printed on demand and sold from a central online inventory, ticket sales are updated in real time and there is never any "dead inventory" left at outlets or consignee locations. Every retailer hosting an etixnow Asura Mini Kiosk has an equal opportunity to "sell the last ticket" and there are no end-of-day counts to worry about. Payments are automatically sent directly to event organizers, reducing retailer liability and settlement lag times.

Asura Mini Kiosk in OrangestoreAsura Mini Kiosk in Orangestore


Features & Capabilities:


Connect anywhere: The etixnow Asura Mini Kiosk can be deployed with an integrated 4G/LTE uplink for simple drop-in-place deployment, regardless of available connections. The setup process is as simple as plugging in the kiosk and turning it on! The kiosk will boot, register itself with our cloud-based servers, and download software updates. The process is effortless and technical staff are not required onsite.

Small footprint: Weighing in at 12 pounds and standing just 11 inches tall, the etixnow Asura Mini Kiosk’s footprint is small enough to fit in any outlet or venue. The small footprint makes the kiosk a low-impact in partner outlets like convenience stores or retailers, where every square foot counts. Placement options for these units are incredibly flexible. They can be placed on a countertop, mounted on a wall, or even pole-mounted to save space. Not only is it a convenience to integrate with partner businesses, but the kiosk’s small size means a lower cost to deliver and deploy.

Secure payments: The etixnow Asura Mini Kiosk’s integrated Chip & PIN payment terminal assures patrons that their purchases are secure. The secure payment subsystem ensures compliance with EMV requirements and PCI standards. Patrons feel confident in their purchases knowing that their payment details are safe and the machines are trustworthy.

Low maintenance: etixnow's centralized health monitoring and reporting ensures that the etixnow Asura Mini Kiosk solution supports fully unattended stand-alone functioning without dependence on expensive on-site technician calls. A low maintenance solution means less time that staff need to spend on upkeep. The only hands-on requirements for the kiosks are the occasional paper changes and some light cleaning.

High quality printed tickets: Patrons receive fully traceable bar-coded tickets on specialized stock that are compatible with the GigGate and ScanGate mobile scanning systems. etixnow Asura Mini Kiosk ticket layouts also deliver sponsor value and revenue potential through sponsorship branding and advertisement placement.

Federated event inventory: etixnow can integrate additional ticketing platforms to sell and print compatible "scan perfect" barcoded tickets from other primary agencies. This increases traffic to retail locations hosting etixnow Asura Mini Kiosks as a broader variety of events will draw a wider range of patrons attracting traffic from multiple demographics.

Centralized payment distribution: Our centralized payment distribution eliminates the need for retailers to coordinate which revenue goes to which event organizer or be responsible for end-of-day counts or reporting. This system also simplifies the event organizer’s process of receiving payments and accounting for inconsistent ticket counts and conflicting report data

A wide range of opportunities for all event, venue, and retailer types: Small venues can use the etixnow Asura Mini Kiosk for both its box office functionality and its integrated loyalty features such as venue promotions on printed tickets. Flexible short term lease rates are available for special events and festivals requiring an on-site box office or to use as gate control and access management for the duration of their event. Equipment purchase and financing are available for regional chains and network partnerships with retailers. We also offer high value sponsorship and co-branding opportunities such as advertising placement or promotional offers directly on printed tickets, ensuring high viewability.

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