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Sonic Concerts Presents: SMORGY at Spatz Theatre (Halifax) - Sat Jan 26 2013

· JAN · 26Sat

Event has been cancelled. All current ticketholders will be issued automatic refunds within the next 7-10 days.


At: Spatz Theatre
1855 Trollope Street
Halifax, NS


Be sure to read this special update regarding the cancellation of this event

Are you affected by the cancellation? Here is what you can expect...

All existing event ticketholders will be fully refunded within the next 7-10 days. There is no need to contact us unless you do not receive a notice or confirmation of your refund by Thursday January 31.

Media advisory concerning this event:


For Immediate Release
Monday, January 21, 2013

(Halifax, NS) - Please be advised that Kevin Smith has cancelled his upcoming podcast event, SMorgy, that was to take place this Saturday, Jan. 26 at The Spatz Theatre in Halifax.  All tickets will be refunded by etixnow.  Despite efforts to keep the event alive, Sonic Concerts apologizes for the inconvenience to all ticket holders.

In a statement, Smith says:  

Dear Would-Be SMorgy Attendees,
It is with a heavy heart that I announce the canceling of this weekend’s SMorgy event.  The blame for this lies solely with me: first I had to kill Sunday for the TV thing that came out of nowhere, and now I’ve gotta cancel Saturday as well.
Saturday’s cancellation is a bit of JERSEY GIRL coming back to haunt me: my daughter Harley entered a battle of the bands last week and has moved on to the finals. The show is this weekend – same time as SMorgy. Had I not been the guy who made Ben Affleck’s character give up a great job opportunity just to see his daughter’s school play, I wouldn’t be making this call. But she’s 13 years old, she’s never played before a crowd this large, and I’ve only got one kid: if I miss this moment to tell dick jokes with friends half a world away, I’m a bigger asshole than if I cancel the event. So stuck between and rock and a hard place, I apologize – I gotta do the Dad thing here.
You see kids? It’s just like your parents always told you: There’s a consequence to having sex.
Kevin Smith

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Erin McGuire, Sonic Concerts
902.491.1991 ext. 25 / 

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